I work in porcelain because it feels wonderful when I'm throwing, creamy and soft. Since it has no iron in it, porcelain is the perfect clay for my interest in glazes. I'm able to get a wide variety of visual and tactile effects. 

My early porcelain pieces were small pods and petal bowls, wheel-thrown and then altered. They were finished using both colored clay and glazes. 

To further bring out the three-dimensional quality of the forms, I added surface carving. I then took a detour and began to focus on carving bottles. However, the glazes that best suit carved work were too limiting, considering my fascination with glazes. 

I am now producing thrown pieces, some of which I still alter into forms inspired by nature. This has permitted me to return to the micro-crystalline glazes I love and expand into development of matte-crystalline glazes. The pieces are fired up to 2350° Fahrenheit. I use both propane gas and electric kilns.